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We are an indie project currently developing the game "Greater Powers", strongly inspired from the Treasure Planet movie. We are associated with Unity Multiplay to launch our game soon on PC, Xbox X and PS5.

The team is made of passionate developers of any level all around the world that collaborate together to build an original game that'll be different from the current boring standards.

The story of our game happens in a fantasy steampunk universe controlled by four main factions that have their own fantasy rock oriented soundtrack. The players will have the opportunity to fight and form alliances to conquer and control this huge astral sea they'll be discovering aboard skyships.

They'll accomplish missions, practice piracy and trade with other players.

We are actively searching for motivated Unity technical artists, UI/UX designers, environment artists,VFX artist and C# programmers to join our crew!

Developers in this project are rewarded in company shares until the beta phase starts. After our KS, each dev will can choose between earning company shares and cash incentives. All the collaboration is under NDA and employee agreement distributed by our corporate lawyer and CFO.

Feel free to check our facebook page for more info!

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