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Hey guys!

I am a game designer. I’ve graduated in business management, before completed my second degree in game design recently.

I have a game idea and spent few months forming the necessary documents to kickstart its development. I have a gameplay document to hand, a concept document, few more supporting files, and currently I’m working on an overall GDD. Will be happy to show either should you be interested in teaming up to build an RPG.

This position is currently unpaid and should it go anywhere in future and draw attention - then of course, paid opportunity will be discussed (my dream is to switch to indie game dev). I understand that investing your time in projects isn’t easy (especially when you’re studying or working),or seems risky (due to many projects falling apart - seen that myself) but I thought that perhaps I’d still manage to find people, who’d be interested to give it a go.

The project is an action RPG.

I’m currently looking for:

Gameplay Programmer (C++/Blueprints with Unreal Engine)

Environment Artist (Unreal Engine)

Writer/Narrative Designer

2D Artist (Realistic/Semi Realistic style)

3D Artist (Characters & Creatures. Props) - if you could sculpt a dragon, then you’re even more amazing!



Level Designer

Thank you, everyone, for reading this!

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