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.BIRD Game Studios is looking for a 2D artist in the team. Our actual goal is to reach the crowdfunding at Kickstarter. The first project called "Memories Parade" will be a new concept of graphic 3D novel aventure mixed with survival horror.

The team is heavily inspired by other games like Hotel Dusk, Silent Hill and film noir genre.

We're searching a 2D artist capable of bring to life our characters and reflect their personalities in the graphic aspect. We're working hard on deliver the best we can in all aspects from the game and enjoying it at the same time.

.BIRD Game Studios is formed by 4 talented persons, fans of horror genre and fictional novels from different writers like Lovecraft, Orwell, Poe and many more.

We're thinking about bring the best to those gamers who enjoys new experiences, good gameplay aspects and great storytelling but at the same time we enjoy our time doing our work, driving into interesting talks and proposing ideas to each other.

If you're starting into this amazing videogame world, we'll gladly welcome you. Thanks for your time, cheers!

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