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Programmers located Anywhere, Sweden.

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The contract is pretty simple, negotiation possible, €400 on completion. We have a .AB company based in Sweden and we are looking for a person to make us a promo for a game idea we have that we can use to pitch to investors.
The game will be a fairly simple 2D simulation that has never been done before. Without giving too much away, the final product is going to be an environmental simulation game. It will have at least three in depth layers of gameplay. The mechanics and micromanagement of the game is going to compliment beautiful artwork and music. We are taking some inspiration from other sim/eco games such as prison architect, world of goo and flower. The pace of the game will start slow for each 'round' or 'year' and gain momentum and complexity with each following year. The mechanics have mostly been planned out already but, as with any game in development, this is likely to change.
We need either a mock demo, movie or something similar to show to investors and get the ball rolling on the real thing.

* You will be protected by the contract that will include our demands and your conditions, happy to negotiate.
* You will have first consideration as a developer for the final game (if you wish).

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