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I am a sole developer with great ideas but no people to make them real and not enough time to do it myself.

The next project wil be a western-style vr game, probably made in unity.
I know the goals aren't as big as some other jobs here but at least they're realistic. I cannot promise you to be working on this project once it gets funding because I'd rather work with people on the spot, but I will make it worth your while. If this kicks off I promise you more compensation ( the terms will be negotiable).

The plan for now is to make an MVP and get some funding. I'm looking for people with too much free time on their hands and willing to make a mark on this planet with their creative skills. I hope to put together a small team, 5 people max. I also will offer small compensation off about €100 a month for the whole team, so the better you are, the less people I'll need and the more you get out of the budget (I'm paying this out of my own pocket). I'm working a full time job so regretfully I won't be able to put my 100% in this project but I will follow up with everyone and everything and guide everyone in the right direction.
I myself will focus on the programming and character design.

What will I require of you?
- You don't need any experience, just be able to deliver quality work, have a keen eye for detail and be able to take criticism (working with me would be like working with a real client, except for the fact that clients don't know what they want most of the time).
- make props and effects to show an awesome scene like in the classic westerns.
- Show me what you've got, be glad with the feedback you get from the team and be willing to give feedback to them too.
Be communicative (preferred Engish speaking and even more European for time zones)
- Be available on a daily basis (check important messages, give feedback and an update on your work)
- Be honest (I don't mind if you'd like to quit for some reason, but don't come with lousy excuses, I'm looking for dedicated people, If you don't give me something on your deadlines, you're out and you don't get paid)
Also, Since everyone gets the same pay, I'll be the judge, jury and executioner of the quality of your work. You don't have to invest more than your colleagues (some might be more dedicated than others) but at least be worth my 20 euros.

What will you get from me?
- at least €20 a month (I know it's not much but it's all I can spare for now)
- a lot of feedback, and wisdom from my own personal experience
- no groupchats, unless for useless things and don't expect me to read them (I really hate those things)
- Connections, people in professional game companies that are willing to mentor us
- deadlines

I hope youre interested.

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