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Untitled RPG project - Artist

Hello, I am a writer and big fan of RPG games. I always wanted to make a game yet, was no able to do so on my own due to lack of coding and 3D modelling skills. I am though a writer, skilled in writing lore and interested in both Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

I am seeking an Artists, Programmers and 3D artist, for a first time RPG project. The idea is to make a game and publish it. I am not aiming for 400 hours open world adventure, as that requires a lot of funds and more time than small team can manage.

Overview of the project:


Real time battle system (too many turn based games these days) yet with nothing too fancy. combat could be similar to Elder scrolls, witcher 1 or Gothic franchise.


I do not want this game to be 100% linear, but at the same time it cannot be open world as this would be too difficult to execute. That is why structure similar to Witcher 1 would be best, where you have and open area of a sort, and after doing certain story quest you move on.


I do not expect this game to match games such as Witcher 3 in its graphics though certain unique style and somewhat nice textures would be preferred. This game would be aimed at fans of older rpg games such as Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, Witcher 1 and Gothic 1,2 & 3, so the graphics wont be the prime factor.

Systems and NPCS:

This game would be all about choices, so anything you do will impact the story. Im thinking of quite smart NPCS that react on you depending on your popularity levels.


The idea if to get this game on STEAM, which should not be a problem. Also such platforms as could be consider too. Due to the target user group of old rpg fans and limited resources, this game would be PC only for now. It might change in the future.

I'm thinking of this game to be sold, for a reasonable price, surely not full priced, as it wouldn't sell.


All profits would be 100% shared. We will share approximately 60% of the profits, rest of the profits would go into development of future games. Yet that ratio may change depending on success of the game. Yet regardless every team member will be getting same amount of money.

My role:

My role would be to write story and lore as well as overlook the production of the whole game. Feed back and suggestions will be listened to and respected of course, yet I will be taking the role of the director.

I will reserve the rights to all the characters, stories and ideas in this game, yet every team member will be valued equally.


If the pre-production and production goes well, kickstarter would be an option to gather some additional funds and gain some publicity yet this would not be required.

If the game goes well, I would be looking to for full time studio and start working on additional content and sequel or new projects.

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