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Vorxist Interactive is looking for someone who has previous artistic experience. Though this position is initially unpaid, will transition into a full time paid executive position within the organization. After the launch of the game, this position will be compensated with profits from the game.

* That you can confidently deliver on the product.

* You have (some) experience with digital 2D / 2.5D art (Scene, Character, and Object).

* Having experience with pixel art (Sprites, Scenery, and Objects) is a plus.

* You DO NOT need to have 10+ years of experience like most companies require, we hope that you joining us will allow you to grow and expand your passion.

* Open to learning and working to improving your skills.

We believe that what you will be able to accomplish will be spectacular and we hope that your growth will help you to become even more passionate about your craft. You will be the focus, the heart and soul of our organization. We know we are asking for a lot, but we hope that with us, you will find what you love.

** You will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement to discuss I.P. and be added into the company communications.

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