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I am looking for a artist to do simple 2D design for a mobile platformer-runner game. I have an idea for the game art style, however I need some help to finalize it. The engine we are using is King's Defold engine. We will use Discord as the primary service for contact, so a Discord account is required for this position. I am a programmer, and I have a sound engineer on board with the project, so the designer/animator is the only role I need filled for now. However, if you have skills or experience as well as the ones listed, that will be a bonus.

The skill set and qualities I am looking for would include some of the following:

Drawing Sprites and Backgrounds
2D Lighting/Shading experience
2D Animation(Movement and Particles/Explosions)
Able to do good work fast and produce the final product
Like designing things, and being able to involve your own imagination

I'm looking for someone who is dedicated to the project and will keep at it until release time. I believe that if you can stay dedicated, you will reap good results.

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Please contact me at with a link to your work and the reason this position interests you.

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