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Hello and welcome. We are seeking for a volunteer Video Editor that is dedicated to work for Art Inc. Studios.

The game we are making is a 3-D first person shooter that is the love letter of 1980’s shooter up arcade games with a modern touch of 3-D graphics, interchangeable background music during game interaction, and multiple ending.

We are nearly the end of developing Star Blitz X the Video Game and the demo will be available by Spring of 2019. The video editor that we are looking for that are true gamers who are good at editing and assembling recorded raw material and into a suitable, finished product within a game trailer to incorporate storyline or atmosphere. If this job sounds to be true then here is your chance to join.

The requirements that we looking for:

. A good sense of timing and visual awareness
. A mixture of practical and creative skills
. Solid experience with digital technology and editing software packages (e.g. Avid Media Composer, Lightworks, Premiere, After Effects and Final Cut)
. IT skills
. Good at precise attention to detail
. Flexibility, as overtime and weekend work is a possibility
. Non-experiences is required but experiences is a bonus
. Must be available as possible
. Patience and concentration
. Ability to deliver given task on deadlines

It is important that you understand this before deciding to work with us that this is a non-paid project, for now. We are looking for eager candidates who are willing to work long term for free on this project. However, we are pushing to publish our game for royalties for future payment. You will receive the share required profit depending on how much work the person does.
Once hired, I will fill you in over email on more detail about the game and what the team's update.

To Apply

Send email to with resume and portfolio. Also can be reached at

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