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The Age of Warscape administration team is now searching for users that have an interest in moderating a community. Members of the Age of Warscape Moderation Team watch over the community, moderate for rule breakers, and act as rule enforcers. Moderators are the 'police force' of the AoWS community, and help make sure that everything is in shape and abiding to the AoWS EULA and Network Rules.

The Moderation Team is a volunteer job; members are not paid, but are compensated with a free lifetime Age of Warscape subscription, which normally costs $7.00/month (and prices could rise).

Experience in moderation is highly preferred, as it makes training go much smoother, and makes the job much easier for the individual and the administration team. Specific skills and experience include:

- Moderating an internet forum
- Enforcing set rules amoungst a community; both in-game, on the forums, and on other AoWS websites (such as its subreddit)
- Basic knowledge in MyBB moderation (the software that the forums run on)

Experience is not required in order to get the job. However, having experience raises the chances in being accepted.

Two types of moderators exist: Sectional Moderator (or just 'Moderator') and Super Moderator. A Moderator is an individual who moderates only a certain section of the forums and a certain location in-game. They may also sometimes only have the moderator role on only one website). These moderators have no power outside of their designated moderating zone. A Super Moderator moderates all sections of the forums and all locations in-game. They have higher permissions than normal moderators, and are sometimes considered the boss of other moderators. This being said, Super Moderators do not just moderate the community, but also keep an eye on the Sectional Moderators to make sure that they are performing correctly. All volunteers start out as a sectional moderator, but can later be promoted to a super moderator depending on their work and dedication.

The Moderation Team is headed by an individual known as the Lead-Moderator, who not only moderates the community, but also aids in hiring/firing moderators, managing Sectional and Super Moderators, drafting the Network Rules, and reviewing applications.


We are currently looking for one Lead-Moderator, and as many other moderators as we can get. If you need more information on Age of Warscape, see our IndieDB page:

To Apply

To apply, you must sign up for an AoWS Account ( ) and create an application. More information on how to apply and where to submit an application can be found here: *READ THE THREAD MARKED [READ BEFORE APPLYING] BEFORE CONTINUING*

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