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Public Relations located South Korea (no travel needed).

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hello we recruit someone for advertising our company.
it's a volunteer contract,you will not be paid (we aren't too)

the goal for you is to be our partner,you will communicate
about us,our game and answer to potential players.
you will have our trust,and we need you to share a good brand image

we are mainly french and korean,you can join us anytime in french or english.

we need an advertiser since we want to have a commercial dimension.

you will advertise the Galoxyum's video games
but you will also have a tutor to be more efficient.
your tutor will be someone of our Editor (heloxy aerapix) we have a real good link with them and work together to deliver good new video games in the future.

Our company is now in south korea but there is no need for you to travel,you can do this job at your's a no-salary job so you have to do yourself a plan of how many time to do the job,.....
it's full of responsabilities and autonomy.

if you like participate,
if you like video games,
if you like our jokes (you will have it hard)
so you will be welcome !!!


To Apply

send a letter to
(precise that it's for the advertiser job please)

South Korea (no travel needed)
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