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Programmers located Anywhere.

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Job Positions and Responsibilities:
-) Coders in programming languages C++ and or Python. On the Windows operating system, for starters.
-) Providing clear, legible code, optimize programming code
-) Able to effectively debug problems with the programming code.
-) Planning ahead or later on, to allow the program to be usable on most operating systems and hardware.
-) Game Engine Modder Friendly; a built in menu that fully separates each game mechanic for interchangeable mathematical sequences.
-) Translator
-) Create a JACIM online version of simulator game program. Possibility block chain based.
-) Operate the JACIM's online game site and program.

Required skills:
-) Prior experience in programming is preferred, but not required.
-) Have access to an internet connection stable and fast enough for frequent uploads and downloads.

More Specifics:
-) Part-time and Flexible hours; you'll be given instructions and will fulfill them in a designated time frame.
-) Potential longstanding Career lasting 10+ years, possibly 20+ years.
-) A 45% percent share pool from all sales and designated finance assistance. Further splitting up this main percentage for every additional employee.
Project Warning:
-) Please keep in mind that this humanity simulator will eventually, if not initially, include mathematical behavior affects from murder, kidnapping, torture, abuse, rape, slavery, deception, racism, sexism, discrimination, domestic violence, stalking, pedophilia, bestiality, incest, etc.
If you can't work with the possibility of these fictional sprites mimicking such acts. Then please don't apply for the position. This is a simulator for that reason, every choice must be open to occurring. Despite morality, everything occurs for a reason under certain circumstances. These particular despised human acts are no exceptions to this rule in life.
There are some people who can't handle such acts, even in the fictional sense. Thus we might as well get this out of the way.

To Apply
Use this email address for all matters.
For further Information and Clarification:

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