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I'm looking for a keen character modeller and environment artist to aid in making the main characters and key buildings for my project Pariahs:

The game is an Attempt at a Traditional JRPG but with less of a Japanese infleucne artistically, being built in Unreal and hopefully taking some harking back to some traidtional turn based RPG game systems

It's not aiming to be a commercial project but if someone has the ability and time to do the primary characters and/or buildings there is a budget available.

Character wise theres 7 main characters, 5 of which wear a similar uniform and 2 teachers who are more bespoke in design, the aim isn't to make AAA quality modelrs but more stylised characters. Give the game is an RPG I'd say somewhere inbetween the models for PErsona 4 and 5 characters is a rough guidline in detail and poly count.

As for buildings, there are 6 main building, which need to be done in a high quality and have a LOD each fro when they are used in backgrounds around other areas.

I have more detail briefs and concepts so you'll have a good amount of art to work from which also adding some uniquness of your own.

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