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Through Your Eyes

About the game

Interactive movie. We work on touching movie-like game of choices that question the border between dreams and reality.

Through Your Eyes – drama/thriller/fantasy/teen (I like to write the movie genres here as the game will be an interactive-movie), Unreal Engine 4. If I would have to name two games in similar genre, they would be Life is Strange and Heavy Rain.

TYE focus on life of young boy who deals with insomnia problem. The game tries to mess with your mind, mixing reality and surreal visions to the point where you can no longer distinguish those two. There's also an girl, Alice. This distant and mystery girl is truly interested in you. Why is that so? Will you try to live a dream? What will you find at the end of the rabbit hole? Dreams, reality, freedom... insanity?

About the position

From start I want to say that this position is reality spitted by areas like:
- character modeling,
- character animation,
- environment modeling,
- cut-scenes,
- special effects.

You can apply to which you are best in. But it's an good idea to also extend your experience onto other areas.

The devotion for the project also differs.

I offer help and support as well as technical suggestions for junior designers. I encourage you work with us the way that you will be proud of how your part adds to final result - touching interactive movie. We put a lot of effort to promote our team members with this title and we propose fair and clear revenues share.

About my part

I run small IT company and we've worked on several projects. I have second master degree in game development and I am an very good programmer. It's not just an idea - I DO know how to make games. And I do know I cannot make it alone. I also do screenwriting (I know, it's not typical to like both).

I have friends and connections to people in different helpful areas: marketing, plot, film-making. I am responsible to make the work of artists come to real-life game on the screen. If we have an good concept, be sure that I will manage to code it so it will become alive. Thanks to the nature of my job, I can really give this project up to 6 hours a day.

Welcome to our team!

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