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Welcome all fantasy enthusiasts out there! We are looking for more jewels, are you one of them?

Our game Apprentice Arriving™ is a Single Player Medieval / Dark / Action / Fantasy / RPG for the PS4, Xbox-One and PC.

Engine: Unreal Engine 4 / Version: 4.19
Link to the game:

Game Concept

The story takes part in a medieval fantasy world that has a diverse range of content. Some cities and villages have functional water pipes and sanitation, others are poor and overrun with beasts of all sizes. The player wanders with two different characters through magical lands that are beauteous and also very sinister. On the way the player will experience a variety of cultures, kingdoms, abandon villages, destroyed lands and impressive architecture.

- Epic battles with a multitude of various weapons and armor sets
- Use of magic, several fighting stances and skills
- Variety of costumes
- Challenging bossfights
- Unique and magical design
- Management of various skilltress
- Macro management to create your chosen class
- Mini games

Graphics/Textures: 3D next-gen, colorful, semi-realistic

How far is the game?

We are working on a demo version which will be available on Steam. We have the main character with equipment and armor, two environments in development, creatures modeled and textured, animations as well as a completed story with voice acting from professionals included.

What are your tasks?

Creating high detailed creatures and model human NPC characters.
Update the Art Director and the team constantly with new progress, and work closely together with the Lead Animator to assure perfect results.

Our Plan & Payment [Rev-Share]

We develop 1-3 demo versions until we completely focus on the full game. With a demo version, we plan to kickstart our project. Next to kickstarter we are looking for investors to ensure a high payment for each individual.

About us

The real development started in October 2017. We are now a team consisting of professionals who worked in the industry on Triple-A titles and hobbyists. We are confident and determined and we could need all sorts of help from people around the world!

To Apply


Licenses for all softwares for commercial usage.
Familiar with Unreal Engine 4.

Texture Software preffered:
Substance Painter


4years+ Experience in Modeling & Texturing
(Don't hesitate to send us your portfolio even if you don't have that experience time-span)

Open for communication
Satisfactory English skills
Retopologizing skills

Help us to create something beautiful and send us a short mail with your resume and your best references to:

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