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The game is called "Futua-Episode-One" - it is a game built around time travel concepts(Both mechanical and narrative)

The game is influenced by such masters as Hideo Kojima, Warren Spector and other famous fps/rpgs.

Story telling is important to the game, and so is gameplay.

The game has only just begun dev and I am the coder/designer, so no screenies yet. But I have been using Unity3D for 8 years, and coding generally for 20+ years, so art is the only thing missing atm.

If you are interested please reply here or to my email addy,

We have a paid for website - No site there yet, but the domain etc is paid for and can run pretty much any type of site/forum/blog.

The games story revolves around a man trying to save the love of his life, life. Past/Present/Future. Weapons although reflecting each time peroid, will persist through time-travel. No terminator style 'can't tt tech' etc.

The story will feature traditional rpg conversation trees that change the story.

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Send shots of your work etc to here or - if you join we can optionally provide you a email if you like.

Anywhere (Remote)
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