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I'm looking for someone to help me realize my indie game project. I have six years of experience with Unity 3D as a hobbyist. I now have almost one year of experience working full time, as a trainee for IT specialist for software development and I want to use my new learned knowledge and skills to get a game done with Unity 3D. I'm already working on a project since 25th of March and I'm hoping to get a fully working prototype with all features finished in 1-2 months.

As I have already said this is a indie project and I'm only doing this in my free time, so unfortunately I can not offer any payment. I expect you to be able to spend a minimum of about 4 hours per week in order to make some progress.

The game is a FPS zombie shooter oriented at the zombie mode from Call of Duty. I have never played Call of Duty, but I think the idea is very simple but still very funny and also I think CoD is heavily overpriced and with a Free2Play or a low price there are still plenty of opportunities to get an audience.

Currently there are a lot of unpolished and half done things in the game as you would expect from a not yet finished prototype, so I can only show you this short video of the animation system that I have programmed and filled with clunky animations:
I hope I could convince you, despite my bad animating skills, that I'm the right one when you are looking for someone to make an indie game.

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