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Artists located Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

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We are looking for 3D Artist candidates who are production ready, avid gamers, and dreamers who see in vertices and polygons.

Come meet us (and possibly join us) if you brand yourself as a 3D wizard who appreciates the beauty of 3D, and is always striving to reach the pinnacle of 3D visualiztion.

If you have the ambition to have your work featured in games, have the skills to back it up, and posses the attitude to work for it, this is your calling!

Hard skills:

Well versed in 3D Studio Max, Photoshop/Illustrator
Hands on 3D production experience in relevant industry (1-2 years)
Razor sharp modelling skills (model symetry, proper topology, model cleanliness, practical texture maps, etc)
Portfolio/Demo Reel is a must
Proficient in hard surface/organic modeling
Able to switch between Low/High Poly modelling workflow
Classical drawing/illustration/painting skills is a big plus
Coding/Scripting skills would be a plus though not neccesary

Soft skills:

Has an artistic flair for 3D visualization
Attention to detail and analytical mind
Deep rooted interest in video games
Good verbal and written skills in English/Chinese
Have high standards on your own work
Able to work and play as a team

Job responsibilities:

Produce Mecha/Robot, Enviroment, Character 3D assets for games production (mobile/PC/FMVs)
Modelling, Lighting, Texturing, Rigging and Animating 3D assets
Interpret 2D concept arts into 3D models with proper topology
Optimize and Export art assets from 3D Studio Max to Unity3D
Work with the team to reach project goals, able to deliver on a timely basis
Provide creative and technical solutions to enhance pipeline and game visuals

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Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
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