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We here at the Liberty Wastes Beautification Committee are looking for capable individuals with at least moderate experience in the position of Animator/Rigger to partake in the development of a Fallout 4 mod called Fallout: Liberty Hell

Animator must know how to rig models correctly and construct animations for new models created by our 3d artists. Must know how to have animations function properly within the Gamebryo/Creation Kit engine, preferably with success in importing animations to Fallout 4. Applicant should have no problems with working on a team project particularly alongside our 3D modelers and management. Animator will receive models from our 3d artist crew and rig them with the proper skeleton. Animations should move with fluidity in a believable matter with minimal awkward jankiness.

Perks for working on this mod will include:
1) Experience in game development with a team and a finished product released to the public
2) Enormous credit and gratitude
3) References and material for resume portfolio
4) Bragging rights
5) Meet new, like-minded people
6) This is a non paying gig. However, any monetary gains from donations, you the artist will receive a cut of the profits. The amount of cut is determined by the amount of work given to the mod.
7) Links of your previous and current works so that followers can find your work easier
8) Closed access to pre-release builds
9) To be part of gaming history as someone who worked on the biggest mod for Fallout 4, Liberty Hell (We're not exaggerating, it's literally bigger than the Commonwealth)!

To Apply

If you happen to fit the description, then drop us a direct message via ModDB or an email at and we’ll take it from there. Good luck and thanks!

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