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Hi, My name is Dan Holbert. I recently quit my job at High Moon Studios to create an indie game called Paperbound. I have 7 years of experience as an engine and graphics programmer, and now I'm putting on the designer and marketer hats.

I am looking for skilled and driven people to come on the team and help make this the best game that it can be. The project is scheduled to be released in Fall 2014. Compensation is based on profit sharing. I am looking for people with any of the following skills:

-Character design
-Character animation
-Environment art

I worked with an extremely great artist to develop the current art, but he unfortunately cannot dedicate himself to a project that isn't bringing in immediate income, so that leaves an opportunity for you. I would love to find individuals to work with who could match the existing art style, although I would be willing to consider changes if the style is compelling.

About the game:

I've been developing a game called Paperbound, and it's going very well. It's a 2D action/puzzle platformer. The single-player mode has a strong puzzle focus but is also very action-centric featuring smooth controls, and the multiplayer mode is a frenetic versus deathmatch. People are loving both.

Paperbound is a game about a stick man who grows up confined to his sheet up paper. He becomes restless and wants to venture forth into the unknown. So he jumps into different storybooks to see what lies within. His family misses him and fears for his safety, but he feels compelled to journey onward, to see what exists and what is possible.

At least, that's the story that will be there when it's done :). At the moment, it's all gameplay. Really nailing the gameplay is the pillar on which everything else stands. In Paperbound, your gravity reorients to whatever surface you are standing on. You don't directly control it, and it's completely 360 90-degree simplicity. This forces the player to think in ways that he's not used to and yields that wonder factor.

Now enjoy these videos to get an idea of what the game is like:

Single player:


Web site:

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