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I am recruiting a small team to help create 'Broken Arrow: Cyber Warfare.'

This game is a UI based game in which the player can either form a Division or join one. A Division is basically a guild in which players can share resources. The Division is responsible for finding and quelling cyber threats to world security. Broken Arrow Cyber Warfare Division is dedicated to stopping any and all terrorist attacks, both digital and physical.

A basic overview/synopsis can be found here:

About Dragon Plague Studios
Dragon Plague is run by Ryan Senter, a Digital Media student from the United States who is on hiatus from school. Dragon Plague is intended to be by players, for players and wants to make game that EVERYONE can enjoy.

This game was directly inspired by NITE Team 4, by Alice and Smith, creators or the Black Watchmen.

Job Requirements:
- Must be 16 or older
- Must be able to work in teams
- Must have good English (written and spoken) skills
- A copy of Photoshop (Paid For, not pirated), GIMP 2.0, or other comparable software.
- A microphone
- At least 5 hours a week to work on the game

Risks involved:
This game may honestly go nowhere, as is with 99% of indie games and ALL of indie game development. So why would you sign up then? To be part of the next Steam-busting game! To gain experience and knowledge in your field! To make incredible friends! Indie game development is about pushing boundaries and making games that are so out of the box, they cannot help but be good!

Dragon Plague Studios wants you!

To Apply

Please send a resume to to apply.

Any questions, comments, or concerns can also be directed there.

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