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I am Bryan, founder and manager of 10thGaming Entertainment and Wild Buffalo Productions. We are making a free to play (not pay to win!) survival game...
A real infected survival game featuring:
- A health, hunger and thirst system.
- Limited ammunition and and a "realistic" (as far as 2D goes) gun control.
- A dark and grim setting where darkness and flashlights play a big role.
- Allies or enemies?
- Random loot, may luck be with you.
You'll get the idea. What makes this game special from other survival games is that there hasn't been a real apocalyptic survival game for a long while. Most survival games are just horror survival or shooting a bunch of zombies to pieces... let's change that!
About the job;

What you get:
- Early access to the game
- Your own full page on the teams website
- Another game on your resume
- Initially you are doing this for free, but you will receive a part of the donations (if any.)

What you need in order to comply:
- Experience with Photoshop incl; Drawing concept art, making top down sprites.
- To be social in a team. You will need to stay in contact with the rest of the team a lot.

To Apply

Send a resume to, please include some of your work, past experience and the software you use.

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