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Currently looking for anyone who can do 2D animation, our project uses Spriter so any experience with that program will be helpful.

A bit about the project, it is a Dieselpunk themed Turn Based Tactics RPG, game play is fast paced. As for story, it involves a rouge getting revenge on a tyrannical government, but along the way he meets up with interesting characters who join him on his quest and they get wrapped up in a plot that is bigger than just them and their original plight.

There is a lot of work to get started with as most of the design work has been done. Also to note, this will be a paid position, but not at the moment. The current plan with the project is to build a working tech demo to show off to a publisher or investor to get funding, our deadline for getting a demo up is June which is when we want the demo to be done and able to show off to a potential publisher or investor. Until that time we wont be able to pay, just to let you know. If you have any additional questions please email us.

To Apply

Send an email to, in the email subject, please specify "2D Animator for Swamp Fox Studio" in the body please tell me how much animation experience you have and if you have worked with the program Spriter, if you have not, let me know if it is something you could work with, a link to the program is available in this post.

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