Otherwise known as the WICMMT, we make maps for the game World in Conflict. Some maps are really serious and some not so much, but our goal is to make the game World in Conflict more enjoyable for you. If you have any ideas, questions, comments, or want to join the group let us know. You can send a PM to the leader of the group, Brody9311 or find some other way to contact us. I hope you like what we are doing and check back to see if we have new maps up.

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as_Europe Beta Test
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with a good normal map you can improve very much the map quality,, also you can experiment with the specularity bar in the concrete or asphalt mask to make it shine with the sun doing the same FX than roads do

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nightovizard Author

I said to you it before, my skills are lower than yours. But i have on mind to redo the entyre asphalt mask from photoshop, cause this one has been made manually...

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well if you go to your map folder you can find in metadata folder some files called overidemask- "thenameofthemask" , you can choose your concretemask, make a copy and use it to edit, with photoshop brushes you can make better effects and only needs to work with black an white colours of the mask if you add crey it willl have a transparency, the white areas are your concrete painted areas and the black ones are blank areas so you can play with it and a whole scale of grey tones for making transparencies , when you get familiarized you will notice that you can do almost everything with the terrain.....
for example if you want to make dirt arround the roads you only have to press "E" from your kb and select only roads then set up a path for create the file and click create, go to the folder you selected and you will have a mask in black and white of your placed roads on wiced... then you only have to go to photoshop and edit it expanding the white areas making them bigger than your roads width , save it, go to wiced, create a new layer called "yourfavouritename" and go to the mask tab, click on import and select your edited mask on photoshop, save and render whole map, dont forget to add a texture and also a detail texture for that mask before rendering lol.
when finished you will see a nice dirt terrain around the roads..... who says dirt, says asphalt, concrete or anyithing you can imagine!
you can also with the "E" button tool to create mask for trees or buildings also for water... there are many possibilities, you can paint a asphalt area in a mask using photoshop, but in photoshop you can also use mask in the masks you are editing so if you want to edit a mask to create a concrete area but you can also use another created mask with the buildings emplacements to use it as a guide to know where you can paint the concrete in the mask without painting the area for the buildings because may be you want to paint another kind of concrete for buildings

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well, its not finished, but i wanted to test it so i compiled it and I take sreenshoots. Tell me what you think.

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