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Dark Vengence is now avaliable for pre-order from Games Workshop's site and other sites as well, who may or may not offer discount.

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Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance - Limited Edition

Games wrote: Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance is one of the most incredible box sets that Games Workshop has ever produced. As soon as you lift up its blood-splattered lid, you'll be faced with two astonishingly detailed armies - Dark Angels and the Chaos Space Marines of the Crimson Slaughter - and everything you need to field your own Warhammer 40,000 force.

Dark Vengeance contains 49 miniatures, all of which are snap-fit plastic models - this means that glue is optional. However, this beautiful limited edition includes an exclusive Dark Angels model, Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus. This box is available in strictly limited numbers and only Available While Stocks Last. There will never be another version like this. Make sure you do not miss out on this incredible opportunity - and order today. Availability: This product is available for Advance Order. Release Date Information.

  • If you place your order on the weekend before the release day and ship it to your local Hobby Centre, we guarantee it will be there for you on the day of release. If you choose to ship to another address and place your order by the Wednesday before release we will ship this on Friday. All other orders will ship on the Monday after the release day.
  • Warhammer 40,000: Dark Vengeance - Limited Edition

Items carrying this logo are available in strictly limited numbers and will no longer be available once sold out. We recommend that you order these items early to avoid disappointment.Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus comes with a staggering array of features from the Crux Terminatus detailing and his censer, to the smoke unfurling from the ornamentation at the top of his backpack. Standing on a sculpted base, he wears studded robes and embossed text on the inside of his cloak, as well as an enormous Dark Angels emblem on the back. In addition to this he carries a Crozius Arcanum, plasma pistol, and frag and krak grenades.

Alongside Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus, this box contains enough miniatures to start a Dark Angels army, including: a Company Master armed with bolt pistol, power sword and combi-weapon; Librarian Turmiel, who carries a bolt pistol and force sword; Veteran Sergeant Raphael and his Tactical Squad; Deathwing Terminator Squad Barachiel; Sergeant Arion and a Ravenwing Bike Squadron that comes equipped with twin-linked boltguns. All are resplendent in the iconography of the Dark Angels. From the finely crafted purity seals to studded power fists, to the Librarian with codex, keys and ornate sword, through to the Bikes with angel-wing panels, they are among the most sublime Space Marines ever sculpted.

Ranged against the Dark Angels is the Crimson Slaughter. These Chaos Space Marine models contain attributes that will leave you slack-jawed in awe. Warp distress shows through on every detail of armour on the models. Horrific maws can be seen on swords, armour and guns. Faces emerge from flesh, as bones jut outward. Dozens of miniature eyes of Chaos peer outwards; jagged or ribbed horns curl in all manner of directions. There are macabre brain-like surfaces, grills, chains and skulls, and even more textures. The full Crimson Slaughter line-up includes: Kranon the Relentless, Chaos Lord - armed with power sword and plasma pistol; Mortis Metalikus: Helbrute - armed with multi-melta and power fist; and Draznicht's Ravagers: Chosen. They stand alongside Chaos Cultists made up of Sect Anarkus, which carries close combat weapons, and Sect Tetchvar, which carries ranged weapons such as autoguns. Both units are garbed in sinister-looking cloaks, masks and hoods.

As if these models weren't enough, Dark Vengeance comes with a full-colour 168-page mini Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook; a complete Assembly Guide; a quick-play reference guide; an army roster sheet; dice, templates and a how-to-play booklet including six scenarios to enact on the tabletop. The limited edition includes a full-colour double-sided reference sheet and assembly guide for Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus.

Dark Vengeance is, quite simply, astonishing value for money. Whether you want to start a Dark Angels or Chaos Space Marines army, wish to add to your existing collection of models, or simply gape at beautiful miniatures, then this is an essential purchase.
Please note: this product is limited to five per customer order.

Link to a post with larger pictures.

Sanguinius Creator

That chaos dreadnought is absolutely fabulous :O

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I'm starting to think it's not a dreadnought, at least not in fluff terms, according to it's fluff that describes the Hellbrute as the mid-stage between an insane ancient dreadnought and a greater daemon.

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Calgar Author

From what I can gather from the rumours is that its a dread driven insane and corrupted by the warp.

But the booklet in the starter box will no doubt tell all. Or the GW blog is meant to be covering each of the units in depth until the release so we might find out more information that way.

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Fluff and rules are already known.

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Calgar Author

I can never get on that site as it freezes my browser for some reason.

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"They were mighty and honorable warriors interred in the powerful and venerable dreadnought chassis during their former slavery to the Imperium. A side effect of insanity was a known feature of Dreadnoughts. To counter this, standard operating procedures on Dreadnoughts is to keep them in stasis between service, so that they see life as one constant battle, only awake in times of great need and focus, but Hell brutes get no such reprieve.

Without the cold embrace of nothingness that makes the years and decades between war pass in the blink of an eye, they are driven mad. The rage of a mind essentially trapped within his walking sarcophagus, simultaneously his freedom and prison tears at the very fabric of his sanity and it is expressed through monstrous transformation and mutation.

Some believe that when enough service has been rendered and enough blood has been shed and victories won in the name of the Dark Gods, these once mighty warriors will be elevated to Greater Daemons and once again walk the earth of dead worlds with their own two feet."

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