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Post news Report RSS Hey guys, sad news in the C&C world.

Well, EA really pulled a good one now. Read on to hear their latest blunder. -,-

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So, Some of you may not be concerned about this at all, and some of you may already know... And I realize this isn't TE based news, but it's worthwhile to share IMO, as most of us are huge fans of the C&C franchise.

Well, VG (Victory Games) has been producing C&C Generals 2, as alot of you know. I personally wasn't staying very into how it was going development-wise, but I was still looking forward to it's release to a certain extent.

Sadly though, the entire project has been Ax'd by EA Games... The entirety of VG has been sent to the unemployment line, and the game has officially been put to an end.

Here's the news I've gotten off it all, I figured a fair portion of you guys might be interested in this, so I'd drop it by here...

CNCNZForums wrote: Posted Wednesday, 30 October 2013 - 12:23 PM

As we suspected earlier today, we felt there was more to the cancellation of Command & Conquer and the closure of Victory Games. I was in two minds to post this, thinking we may get in trouble, but we are a news source here at and Command & Conquer fans deserve to know the truth. We should not be fed corporate lies when it comes to our favourite franchise. So, long story short, the original blog post on the Official C&C Site is nothing but a fabricated public relations move to smooth things over. None of the alpha feedback was the cause of the cancellation. Once again, "corporate politics and shenanigans" behind closed doors at EA have killed off Command & Conquer and Victory Games. I will share with you the post made on the Official Forums, but names have been removed.


Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that it has been a pleasure working on this game and I hope you all have enjoyed the closed alpha!
This isn't official or anything, but you probably saw that our whole team got the ax. I hope you understand that we at VG all were dedicated to making a game for all of you to play, and that the press release line was total b.s. It was NOT any feedback from the alpha that shut this project down but just petty corporate politics and shenanigans. We were all shocked and confused to find out that our studio is closed (and that we are all out of jobs!), but I am happy to see that the game is still up and running RIGHT NOW and that a lot of people are still having fun with it. Please enjoy the live game until they figure out how to turn off the servers (it might be a while)! Cheers

I won't be sharing the link to this post, but you can find it on the Official C&C Forums if you have access to the Closed Alpha forum. I expect there will more fallout and boil-over in the coming days, it's almost unfolding the way Tiberium was cancelled back in 2009. Once again, we can clearly lay blame on the corporate bigwigs. Please don't blame the Victory Games development team, these guys were working really hard to bring the fans a new and true Command & Conquer and set the franchise up for the future, all they needed and wanted was time to develop, but apparently that's not what corporate EA wants.

Looks like EA won't be happy until they've tried to recreate and then destroy the C&C franchise multiple times over.

Anyways, how's things been going in the TE realm? I've been busy lately and haven't been making it around too much... Anyone around here still playing MP, I might be interested in getting in on a bit of that ;D

Alrighty, well... That about covers it for today .-.

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Nah from what I heard from other people who was testing it - balance was nuts, P2W heavy and so on.

I am glad that they stopped before release - as they got heavy negative feedback from testers.

I hope we get now a proper C&C Generals 2 without F2P and overprized DLC ********!

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Smallchange Author

Well, as said, I hadn't paid too close of attention to the development, lol... I was just hoping (I mean, HOPING) that EA would have finally gotten some common sense and built a game worth building, then got this news .-.

To some it's good, to some it's bad. But either way, it's news... And I figured I'd let ModDBs C&C fans know :P

Still hoping that the C&C franchise gets bought out by another company... Almost anyone's better than EA anymore. Hell, I'd even take activision, sure they're the king of reproducing the same game 10x over, but atleast it don't get craptons worse every time :P

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I was in the closed alpha and it wasn't that fun for me as a more casual C&C player they were trying to go for a starcraft style economy game not the crazy macro intensive gameplay we're all used to not saying that couldn't work but I found it a little lacking. Would be interesting to see what other people thought though.

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I see this as good news. Its very surprising that a big publisher would completely cancel a project that weren't getting good feedback instead of just releasing it anyway to milk some money, which mean that they lost all the money they already put into the production. This is a smart move in my opinion, and shows that EA is at least listening.

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Corporate politics shenanigans or not, I still think that the fanbase has some part in its cancellation. I mean, the game was still a WIP and everyone was already nitpicky about many things. Heck, if the game was released I'd expect people complaining about Pay2Win (which is understandable) or why we can't have two resource types (which is ridiculous).

Really, if the game is released, people will bitch about the details. If the game is released in its current state, people will bitch about it being obviously beta. If the game is cancelled (which it already is), people will bitch about not getting the game. Its either cancelled due to corporate politics or endure a bitchfest among it's fanbase. Its a lose-lose situation either way.

In short, Victory was trying their best (ie their progressive development plan) to please a very demanding fanbase and unfortunately couldn't keep up cuz of executive meddling and well, the demanding fanbase... I'd consider this cancellation as a mercy kill.

P.S I anticipate this post to be downvoted to **** and everyone cursing me cuz I'm supposedly blaming the fans, myself included. Let's be civil and explain why you disagree. To each his own as they say.

P.S.S The Occupy Movement is ********.

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Surprisingly many "fans" agrees with you, including myself ;) plus you are right on point!

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Smallchange Author

Heh, "I anticipate this post to be downvoted to **** and everyone cursing me"... And you get the most upvotes on the page XD

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TheNodCommander Creator

I celebrated. The name of the project was an insult to Tiberian Dawn. The payment model was an insult to all of C&C. Origin is a complete joke. I am/was honestly happy!

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The name was chosen because all the universes would of have been added. It no longer was just generals.

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TheNodCommander Creator

And they would charge for everything. EA got what was coming to them.

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Why am I not even surprised...?

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Why don't they use Battlefield 2/3/4 soldiers, tanks and aircraft and made it something more cohesion. Infantry, machine-gun teams, mortar team, armor and air combat and make it more tactical, so that Frostbyte Engine can be more useful and make better sense, and dump IAP, I hate it, I hate it, I hate it!

Base building is still relevant point though, I like C&C2 base buidling, but other than that, sorry, it just below what I've expected from a successor of C&C General.

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Smallchange Author

Well, yah, Tiberian Sun was the peak of the franchise - frankly. Lol..

I would be very interested in this BF-RTS concept though, could be very interesting. On second thought, their could even be Vietnam, 2142/3 and 1942 expansions to it, I mean... Their's alot of potential in that universe, if they were willing.

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