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This is a small preview on my Nod campaign's first part for Tiberium Essence. It contains three missions, all feedback and suggestion are welcome.

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Mission 01 - Operation Nuclear Heist
The Third Tiberium War has been raging for months now, and Kane wants us to claim some nuclear devices from GDI. Three warheads have been located in this supply base in south western USA. A small infantry team has been sent to steal the trucks carrying the warheads. Each warhead must remain unharmed. Once the trucks are outside the base, our reinforcement team will arrive to escort them to safety. The final objective is to annihilate the entire supply base.

Mission 02 - Phoenix Base
GDI's Phoenix Base in Arizona caused us some trouble during the first days of the Second Tiberium War. Now it is our turn to strike back. A small combat force has established an outpost there. First capture the GDI's Command Post to set a virus into their communication system. That way they're unable to call for reinforcements. Once the virus has been uploaded, destroy GDI roadblocks in the south east and south west. Then our reinforcements should be ready to enter the area. Once they arrive, GDI forces are completely surrounded. Primary Objectives are to wipe out the Phoenix Base and capture the GDI Research Lab. It should give us information about their recently redeployed Mammoth mk. II battlewalkers.

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Mission 03 - The Mammoth Hunters
We tracked one of GDI's Mammoth mk. II's here in the arctic region. It is enroute to GDI's base there. It must reach the base, since the base hasn't been located yet. Follow the Mammoth with your stealth forces, and once you've found the base, retreat to accompany our MCV. Once you've set up a base, GDI will notice you. Our primary objectives are to destroy the Mammoth mk. II and the GDI base in the area.


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Cool TS redux mission!

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