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This is the beta version of the First Great War. There is much history buried in this from the rise of Exar Kun to the invasion of the republic 1300 years after the hyperspace war ended.

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The Great Hyperspace War; Many call this war The First Great War. It was actually quite short. We all know that the Sith Invaded the Republic. In a massive attack that nearly destroyed the Republic. But what do we really know? What were the tactics used by both the Sith and the Republic during this conflict? Did the Sith make an error during one of the battles that changed the course of the war? How did this war even start? It started after the 2nd Great Schism. The Dark Jedi were exiled after their defeat. They wondered beyond the known rim to the outer planet of Korriban. There they encountered the True Sith Race. Primitive at best but feuled by the dark side of the force. The Dark Jedi then knew they should stay and integrate with these people.

I won't go too far into that. Within a thousand years the Sith had forgotten the Jedi and the Republic. They created an empire consisted of a total of 120 planets. It took anouther thousand years before 2 young hyperspace travelers from the Republic crash landed on korriban. Shortly before this the Great Dark Lord Marco Ragnos had died. His death left a great vaccum of power. The Sith Cuncil had to vote for a new Dark Lord. The 2 main contenders were Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow. Kressh was the head of the Council so he had to oversee the burial of Marko Ragnos. Kressh was angry that Sadow had not joined the rest of the council to see the burial of Ragnos. Just at that time however Sadow shows up and claims the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith.

Kressh then claims the mantle of the Dark Lord. And the 2 begin a ferioucous duel to the death. Then Mark Ragnos's ghost appears and orders them to stop fighting. They do so when he talks. He said that they should stop fighting and pay attention for the great sith empire that he had helped build was in grave danger. When Ragos left the 2 prepared to reenter combat. Just then a Crash happens. Ludo Kressh and Naga Sadow stop their duel and join the Council who were deciding on what they should do with the 2 captives. The names of the 2 captives are Gav and Jovi Daragon. Siblings who were explorers. Their ship was known as The Starbreaker 12. Naga Sadow a great schemer saw this as a great oppurtunity to assume control of the mantle of Dark lord. He rescues the Gav and Jori from the Sith Capital planet Ziost and hides them in 2 seperate fortresses. He then breaks into the hanger and captures the Starbreaker 12 which was Gav and Jori Daragons ship. Sadow then claimed it was the Republic who did it. (The captives had told their sith captors that they were from the Republic.) Kressh learns of this attacks one of the 2 fortresses that was hiding one of the captives. It was a decoy fortress however and kresshs attack was beaten back. He lost the battle and decided to fake his own death. After the battle Sadow claimed to be Dark Lord of the Sith and no one challenged him.

He let one of them go return to the republic after Sadow told them that the Sith had planned to invade. It was Sadows idea, he knew if he conquered the republic the Sith Empire would have unlimited resources at their disposal. He kept the other captive under lock and key. The released captive told the Republic of an incoming Sith invasion. Only one listned and prepared for war. The name of the planet and its Sector are Empress Teta of the Koros Major System.

Naga Sadow invaded the Republic with a massive fleet. Naga Sadow helped in his own way with Battle Meditation. He was stationed in a Sith Meditation Sphere along with his capital ship the Cosair over the Star Primus Goluud. The Empress Teta Fleet beat back Sith attacks from planets such as Cinnagar and Kirrek. While Empress Teta was busy destroying the Sith Fleet in the outer rim. Anouther Sith Fleet invaded Coraucant. The sith were also beaten back however. In the Outer Rim the Empress Teta fleet drove the sith back to Primus Goluud. This is where Naga Sadow activated his Flagships super weapon which caused the star to go Super Nova. The Explosion killed Gav Daragon and forced the sith to retreat back to Korriban. During the war Ludo Kressh was gathering up support against Naga Sadow. When Naga Sadows fleet arrived it met Ludo Kresshs and the 2 fleets fought intiating the first battle of Korriban. Naga Sadow won by ordering one of his ships to ram into Ludo Kresshs Capital ship. The impact killed the sith lord instantly. Moments later the Empress Teta fleet arrived. The resulting battle saw the complete destruction of the entire Sith Fleet. Naga Sadow fled the battle to Yavin 4 and was immeadeatly thought dead when he caused the Denarii explosion with his Cosair. On Yavin 4 Sadow hoped to rebuild the Sith Empire but he never did. He commanded his Massassi warriors to build glorious temples for him. He also experimented with Sith Alchemy testing it on his Massassi Warriors who eventually turned into bloody thirsty creatures. For Naga Sadow knowing he could not rebuid the Empire suspended himself in animation in one of his temples. During the last part of the war Acting Dark Lord Shar Dakhan being desperate ordered his Massassi pilots to ram into Republic ship. This drove back the Republic for awile. However the Republic eventually won and destroyed most of the Sith Empire. Many sith fled the resulting carnage to other worlds. One Sith Starship the Harbinger had an unstable hyper drive and was never seen again. However it seems to have a hand in many future events. Some Sith fled to Thule were they establish a oligarchy government led by 8 generals. other Sith Fled to a planet called Ambria to eascape persecution for their crimes during the war. On Kesh decendants of a crashed starship called the Omen formed the lost of the Sith. Several Sith Sects went to Vjun and passes their teachings secretly through the families. On Tund Sith refugees soon became mere Charletons known as the Sorcerers of Tund. Finally one Sith Lord took his forces and fled to the unknown regions where they would bide their time and wait.

Sheev_Palpatine Creator

this is a great history to add into our great archive!!

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Tover87 Author

Thanks it took me 4 hours to get this all done. I'll revise it soon

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Tover87 Author

The Next Update to the Great Hyperspace War will go into the battles during the war. Hopefully a complete design of how bad the fighting was. What the tactics were used. Who even commanded the Sith fleet.

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