The Sith Lords is going to be one of the first clans set up for multiplayer RAW. This clan is going to be huge in it's development. We are going to have the history of the Sith right here on Moddb, War plans will be made here on this site or online, There will also be ranks, a dark council. Among a bunch of other things. To all Sith Lord members this will be our main page.

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We plan to make the Sith lord Clan as huge as a Clan get. Our Clan is not going to be like other clans. Our plan is to make it more like as if we are actual Sith. We have many different ideas for this clans including Ranks,The Dark Council, Sith Archives, And Even battles for Bigger and Better positions with in the Clan. Ranks will be coming soon and i'll explain how this will work later.

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Our first official post on the Sith Lord Clans development on our new main page. The Clan first of all will be for RAW. We are right now actively recruiting people. We intend to make this Clan to be exciting and thrilling but also in the way of the Sith. My second in command Darthmalgus is creating the Sith Archives, I am looking up which kind of Sith Ranks will be in the clan,I also have decided that we are going to try and create The Dark Council in place of a Chain of Command.The Dark Council will be made up of 13 members and will answer to the Emperor, this comes from the upcoming MMO Star Wars the old republic. Many other developments are also taking place and i can't say them all out in public. So Come Join!

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