The ancient Infinite Empire was led by Rakata priests long ago and once the great plague swept the galaxy and the slaves rebelled including one of the more advanced slave-species, the Kumumgah of Tatooine the Infinite Empire fell.The Rakata lost their connection to the force and thus could not use their own force-fueled technology and retreated to scattered planets across the former Infinite Empire and many reduced to barbarism such as the one's tribe on Lehon, the Rakata homeworld. But some tribes across the galaxy realized that they had done great evil and began to redeem themselves.. The most well-known of these were an enlightened, technologically-advanced tribe on Lehon known as the Elders. The Elders were a force of good who helped Revan defeat malak and the sith once and for all.

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We are in a horrible time period where the sith have taken over the galaxy. The AOL challenged them but are struggling with this impossible fight. We will act with the old republic

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The Major factions

The sith empire- A powerful faction, the Sith Empire is reconized as the evil team and must be stopped. They have powerful warriors, and mighty ships.

The New Empire- A faction that has one seventh of the unknown regions, The new empire might may be in small numbers but are very powerful. Their emperor has lead them through tough times and they survived.

The old republic- A formidible faction, The old republic stands for the good team. They have survived thousands of years and will not go down without a fight. Airaviper leads their mighty navy along with his supreme chancellor duties. They have a mighty navy and they have jedi to aid in their battles

The Army of the light- A strong faction thats guild has built up for years, The AOl is very powerful but without support for TNE or TOR, they cannot take on this fight.

The rakata eldars- They are a possible ally.

We will triumph in these terrible times


Shall we use our role-playing fleets, like my own fleet, for this war, or are we basing our fleet strength on something else?

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Johnyboy1{S1TH} Author

I guess role playing fleet

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this are a ********** dark times!

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but where is that ********** Jedi Council?:))

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Johnyboy1{S1TH} Author

i have no idea

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