In the game of 10 fractions (and RingHeroes): 1.Gondor (Isildur) 6.Mordor (Sauron) 2.Rohan (Eorl) 7.Izengard (Gorthaur Brutal) 3.Arnor (Elendil) 8.Angmar (Annatar) 4.Elfy (Galadriel) 9.Lyudi Evil (Khamul Shadow-East) 5.Gnomy (Durin) 10.Gobliny (Smaug the Golden)Osnavnaya changes: Improved AI, AI all uses of all abilities menu. Redesigned damage, health, armor, etc, etc., the balance in the style BFME1 Number of war in the same detachment minimum 5 and maximum 10 Each faction has an initial army Each faction has a unique army that you can employ in the fortress Everyone has their own ring heroAll blacksmiths does not require the level and all upgrades are available immediately Colored portraits, icons Each has its own music in the boot menu Removed combat positions Removed pumping levels in buildings The game has a lot of changes to the menu abilities Added new characters, new characters and abilities to small changes All super heroes hired immediately on the fifth levelYou can hire kol

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