The Nexii are a small group of modders brought together by the game Nexus:The Jupiter Incident to further develop mods for the great game. As time goes on, we hope to make this the number one source for all your Nexus:TJI requirements.

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Nexus modders, hear us out! The unofficial (so far) nexus modding group is now up and around, and it's high time we get started.

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After all that time wandering about we (well, Kirsah actually) now have a group of our own to rally all the nexus modders out there together and help each other overcome our problems and bring about some mighty fine mods.

And now, even before we got started, we are rank 45, and without really adding anything...
so here goes our first bit of news, to make up for it a bit:

I started a topic (Mission Editor Brainstorming) up a while ago on the War Begins forums, and it contains several hints and details about mission making and the problems we've encountered/overcome. If anyone's interested in that area I suggest that he/she take a look there and then continue the discussion here, in our new forum.

Although they're named the same, the first link will take you straight to the brainstorming while the second, will take you to the main 'development' boards : (mission editing) (several threads related to modding of the game, including mission editing)

And while you're there, why not browse the rest of the forum too...

have fun!

(edited and corrected by Kirsah)

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