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Just a little re-cap of my times away and me making excuses as to why I'm not here anymore.

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Ugh... I'm really sorry for being offline guys and galls, life has taken me away along with other interests and the such but i'll try and explain myself if that's even possible

I know I should be posting more, admining more and all that stuff but I haven't been able-to, I run my own business now so getting the time to sit back and relax on here isn't exactly easy anymore and as things start to pick-up, my time lessens. I really hope that now I'm virtually gone that others on here will continue this amazing group and keep it alive, we were once top 10 every day, even 1st on some!

But now that's nothing but a dream so all I can do is hope we live-on, i'll always be here and able to help anyone in need, but if you'd really like to reach me, I'm on Steam most days so leave a comment ^^

My Steam account ♥


I understand, and I've been trying to keep the group alive myself. It isn't easy though.

I would suggest another moderator if you are going to be less active.

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Well, that's sad to see that you're not going to be very active in the group anymore. However, is good to hear that you are moving on towards something better in your life, so I wish you all the luck. ;)

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This is actually pretty late of him to say this. He has already, after all, been pretty inactive.

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ℒuna-tic™ Author

Gee... thanks Velancious, I'm doing my best here...

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ℒuna-tic™ Author

Thanks for the understanding, Hosse, and I apologise for the inactivity... but to be honest, as much as I love the show and all that community stuff, life and it's work comes first always.

I'll still come here once in a while to check, but for the most part, I won't be online anymore and my activity on Steam is lessening too, but feel free to message me or such if any assistance is ever needed, i'll do what I can to help ^^

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I've got nothing planned for the next 3 months. from time to time i go on this posting sprees about 5 to 10 photos and 2 or 3 videos in an day and take an week off hoping to keep the viewers pulled in and get our rank up between 5 & 1. sooo I will be in touch more often now that all my drama is over with.


P.S. Velancious makes an good point if the group is starting to be less active now days. Some one should keep the chaos at bay

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