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The Galactic Alliance fleets have all been asssiged to defend to Galactic Alliance systems and defend the principples of freedom and justice against those who would seek to destroy it..

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The Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet(GADF - We are working on a better name Lol) consist of a well balanced mix of ships that can perform effieciently in the field. The GADF is a result of a plan that took form during the Jedi - Sith Galactic conflict when the Army of Light Command realized that as space combat became more and more regular in opposed to the gurilla tactics used in the past. the need for a Standarnized Fleet that could improve the efficiency of the fleet and save resources. The Standarnization program began. As the Sith Empire was defeated and the Galactic Alliance was officially formed, the program was set in motion immediately. Not long after the signing of the Treaty of Kuat, the 1st GADF stood ready.

The GADF standard flagships is the Mon Calamari Viscount-class Dreadnought. This design, initially desgined to combat the Imperial Super Star Destroyers, serves as a perfect and safe command center for the Alliance forces and is also a proven front line battlehip. To help the command ships provide a strong center and spine in GADF forces, it was decided that the Imperious-class Star Destroyer was the perfect design for this task. Generally, it was to the Pellaeon-class what the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer was to the preceding Imperial I-class. But the Imperious-class proved to expensive to be considered the Battleship of the Galactic Alliance. Instead of relying on large and expensive ships, Galactic Alliance leaders decided to make use fo the much cheaper Scythe-class crusier. Besides being cheap and only one-third the size of the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer, it contained just as much fire power, was much faster and could be massproduced. With the need for support ships for the main crusiers, the choice fell upon the Majestic-class frigate. Being able to go up against an Imperial-1 class Star Destroyer and beating it thanks to an advanced long range gunnery system. It was perfect for the support role and act as a patrol ship. The need for proper starfighter support in battle, made the designers look to the Endurance-class Carrier. This ship is usually protected in the core of the fleet as it lack offensive weapons, but does however still have strong shielding. But enemy tactics in the war with the Sith proved thatthe enemy made use of Starfighter suicde runs with droid controlled ships and that startfighters alone could not deal with such numbers. So the need for a strong Anti-fighter vessel was needed. The Corona-class was in use already early in the war, but was intially not well suited for the task of dealing with superior starfighter numbers, so in exhange for most of its turbolasers, it was outfitted with point defense lasers and have since proved the effectivenss against the new enemy tactics in the Battle of Geonosis. [Jedi-sith war]. Starfighter compliments in the Galactic Alliance have only the best and most modern designs. As the Starndard Startfighter, we have the CF Crossfire, being very maneuverable able to take quite a punch with its execellent shielding. It have become a suitable replacement for the X-Wing. To perform the duuty as bomber, the old B-Wing design still remain effective to this day. The alst element in the GADF is the K-Wing Assault Starfighter, serving as the heavy hitter and as escort or reconnaissance ship.

Star Defender SotG.jpgThe Viscount-class Star Defender will perporm to duty as command ships for all Galatic Alliance fleets. These ships were designed by the Mon Calamari and envisioned to be the equivalent of an Executor-class Star Dreadnought. Although these ships have been outfased since the Sith-Imperial war because of the high costs, they remain excellent command vessels and continue to serve the Galactic Alliance valiantly.

The Imperious-class Star Destroyer, also known as Advanced Star Destroyer, was the designation given to the Imperial Star Destroyer Imperious. It is not the convetional choice because of its ties to Darth Krayt's Empire, but it's non the less one of the most modern Star Destroyers in the galaxy and was designed by the Mon Calamari. Its purpose is to provide a strong core in the Galatic Alliance fleet when on the defensive and strong firepower in any offensive.

The Scythe-class main battle cruiser is the primary warship of the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet and will form the backbone of the fleet. The Scythe-class utilized its powerful engines to maneuver into a position where it could bring the "cross of fire" weapons batteries to bear on an enemy vessel. This massive barrage of turbolaser, ion cannon, and torpedo fire was capable of destroying larger vessels like the Pellaeon-class Star Destroyer.

The Majestic-class heavy cruiser is a compact but powerful warship that will perporm the duty of patrolling systems and dealing with pirates in exposed sectors. Besides that they will also be serving as destroyers in the Galatic Alliance fleet. Majestic-class heavy cruisers are incredibly durable; their thick armor and shields are equal to the Imperial-class Star Destroyers.

Nebula-class.jpgThe Endurance-class fleet carrier serves as a Starfighter carrier for the Galactic Alliance. The purpose of this ships is to counter enemy forces with superior numbers or serve as a support ship for the Majestic-class in exposed sectors. These ships also serve to make startfigters squadrons more effective in combat serving as a secondary commandship.

CoronaFrigate.JPG The Corona-class frigate is a combat starship produced by Kuat Drive Yards. A successor to the successful EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigate line. Physically resembling its predecessor, Corona-class vessels were intended to operate both independently and in larger fleet formations, as well as perform a variety of mission profiles, including reconnaissance, close-line fire support and anti-starfighter screening operations. These ships have been refitted to peform anti-starfighter duty as its primary function in the Galatic Alliance.

The CF9 Crossfire starfighter is one of the most modern starfighters in the galaxy, also being a favorite among Galatic Alliance pilots. The Crossfire was designed primarily to fly long distances to reach its target, inflict maximum damage, and return home in one piece. For this, it followed the Incom ideology of being perfectly balanced between speed, maneuverability, durability and firepower.

The B-wing starfighter is one of the largest and most heavily armed starfighters/bombers in the Galatic Alliance arsenal. The B-wing is a highly adaptable design, with modular hardpoints and other components. Its weapons can be reconfigured more easily than many other Alliance fighters. These fighter have been known to even take out Imperal Star Destroyers when operating in squadrons.

The BTL-S8 K-wing assault starfighter, commonly known as the K-wing, is a heavy starfighter/bomber. The K-wing starfighter's primary missions includes precision bombing of planetary targets, slow-moving capital ships, and spaceborne installations. It also performes secondary missions as an escort or reconnaissance ship in the Galatic Alliance

For Information about ground forces. Check out the Armed forces Database Here

These are the Standard ships numbers in a GADF force:
  • Viscount-class Dreadnoughts - 1
  • Imperious-class Star Destroyer - 15
  • Scythe-class Heavy Cruiser - 20
  • Majestic-class Cruiser - 15
  • Endurance-class Carrier - 4
  • Corona-class Frigate - 25

    1st Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet
    (Under Repair at Hast Shipyards)

    Commander: Headhunter.

    2nd Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet

    Commander: ArielYssou

    3rd Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet
    Commander: Headhunter

    Task Forces:

    Galactic Alliance 1st Task Force Fleet (fleet numbers low, regrouping, reinforcing):
    Current 1st task force commander: Sab3r
    Assertor x1
    MC90 x10
    Imperious SD x15
    Bellator SBC x13
    Scythe x11
    Nebula SD x20
    Intimidator SD x12
    Procursurator x15
    Interdictor x10
    Lancer x9
    Majestic x20
    Republic SD x16
    Dauntless x6
    Corona x25
    Defender x5
    CC-7700 x2

    Galactic Alliance 2nd Task Force Fleet:
    Current 2nd task force commander:
    Assertor x1
    Bellator SBC x5
    MC90 x5
    MC80 x5
    Imperious SD x3
    Intimidator SD x8
    Scythe x5
    Nebula SD x8
    Venator SD x6
    Procursurator x10
    Lancer x3
    Majestic x5
    Republic SD x7
    Bothan Assault Cruiser x3
    Dauntless x3
    Luminous x20
    Corona x12
    Defender x2
    CC-7700 x2

    Galactic Alliance 3rd Task Force Fleet: (Under repair, estimated time left 1 day (RL))
    Current 3rd task force commander:
    MC90 x5
    Bellator SBC x3
    Imperious SD x2
    Intimidator SD x10
    Scythe x15
    Nebula SD x19
    Republic SD x18
    Procursurator x14
    Corona x19
    Defender x4
    Interdictor x5

    Galactic Alliance 4th Task Force FleetFleet:
    MC90 x1
    Bellator SBC x4
    Imperious SD x5
    Intimidator SD x7
    Nebula SD x6
    Procursurator x9
    Corona x13
    Defender x2
    Interdictor x2

    Galactic Alliance Reserve Fleet:
    MC90 x6
    Imperious SD x4
    Procursurator x38
    Luminous x51
    Scythe x12
    Katakana x33
    Nebula SD x15
    Interdictor x5
    Lancer x10
    Majestic x13
    Republic SD x17
    Dauntless x4
    Corona x22
    Defender x3
    CC-7700 x2


Why change the name? Everyone loves Ghadaffi!

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Headhunter128 Author


Can you believe he was the richest man in the world? xD

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Ghadaffi? Oh yea wasn't he that dictator. He got beat up horribly and then a guy went up to him with a gun and shot him BAM!! Another Dictator bites the dust. Thank God that when I was a RP dictator that I was not assassinated.

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*BOOM! Headshot*

You were saying? :P

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thats some mighy defensive fleet if you axe me bro

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Not when comparing to some mandalorians. lol

And many ships in the TF's are outdated. ;)

Dreadnought@ I presume you are taking the bill? xD

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So what happened to the 3rd....... oh yeah my bad :P

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