waz up! So If ya wanna bi big an'mean, If ya wanna be best an' green,If ya wanna get da job done fast,Da ORK CLAN iz where it's at! greetings from moddlord1

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Orcs don’t think like the other races. They are combative, aggressive, brutish, and nasty. These facts have helped to keep them apart from the other races. The Orc history is full of battles, and each tribe keeps a record of its exploits. The greater the exploits, the greater status the tribe has. It is considered the greatest crime in Orc culture to lie about the exploits of the tribe. It is a matter of pride and many fights have been started by questioning the honor of ones tribe.

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No race is more adapted to the harsh deserts and its predators than the muscular Orcs. Masters of combat and wrestling these seven-foot high goliaths can destroy most prey with their bare hands. To an Orc, the most important thing is the hunt and the protection of his tribe and clan. For that reason, they do not intermix with other races much. Where other races establish cities and build monuments to their predecessors, Orcs establish tribes and build strong clans around the mythic figures of their ancestors. Orcs tend toward nomadic life, but what villages they do choose to establish are usually built from the ruins of other cities, swallowed and spat forth again by the drifting dunes of the desert. Orcs are also the race most likely to cull their own, whether purposefully leaving the incapable behind in the desert, or removing the weak through ritual trials. However, the strength of the clan is paramount in an Orc's eyes, and they will defend their young and wise to their very last breath - even if only to provide enough time for the wise to show the young how to best attack after their elder clansmen have fallen.The average male Orc is larger than any other race, standing at least 8 feet. Their mass is much greater as well, weighing at least 300 lbs. Most of this mass is comprised of muscle thus making the average male Orc considerable stronger than the average male of any other race. They are physically intimidating to other races, and put a great deal of pride in being strong and resilient. Weak individuals are not accepted among the Orcs.Their skin is thick and varies greatly in colour between individuals. Orcs can be dark green, dark blue, deep red, sandy brown and black. Their lips have the same colour as their skin. They can stand much more pain more than any other race and can also fight on a broken or heavily injured hand or leg.Their enormous jaws host impressive sets of canine teeth, with tusks protruding from each side of the lower mouth. The size and number of protruding tusks depends on the age and status of the individual. Tusks appear when the Orcs reaches adult age, and grow in size as he or she progresses through the social layers of the clan or nation. At the very highest levels of age and status, Orcs develop an extra tusk on each side, bringing the total to four. The tusks can be used as weapons.Some Orcs that have hair follow the practice of coloring their hair with the blood of their enemies. Because their hair is so dark, this coloring rarely shows until after many dousings, and it is considered the sign of a great warrior for an Orc's hair to glow red with the blood of his enemies.Orc eyes are usually brown or black, with a rare few blessed with blood-red.



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idk how to join

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Good phrase :D

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