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Post news Report RSS Five year found security holes in Xbox Live!

Five year found security holes in Xbox Live and will now be rewarded by Microsoft!

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Five year found security holes in Xbox Live

Sometimesthey sufferlargest digitalsecuritynetworks inthe worldremotely bydiscoveriesofholesin the system.Usuallywe hear ofexperiencedhackers whohaveyears ofexperience behind them,andwholike toget jobsin the companiesthey'vehitlater, butthe latter case,Microsoftis another.It wasin fact afive-year oldfromOceanBeachin the U.S. whomanaged tocheat the systeminXboxLivethis time.

The boy'sname isChristopherWilhelmVonHessel,and the adventurebegan whenhecamein onhis father'sXboxLive accountwithout authorizationandtherebygained accessto adultgames.Kristofferhad in factcomeintoa back doorby replacingthe passwordcharacterswith spaces,and although hewasafraid ofhis father'sreaction,the manendedup beingquiteimpressed andproud.

The holewas reportedto Microsoft andwhilekindergartenchildfearedthat theywould takethemfromthe game console, he gotfour betsfiftydollars anda yearfree likeXboxLiveuser.Onits websitethe companythankthe boy,and saysthat theyalways appreciatesuch helpfrom customers.

This isnot the first timeVonHesselhas managedto tricka computer system;whenhewas one yearold, he gotthroughhis father'slock onthe phone byholding thehome buttonlong enough.He doeswithit whathewill be whenhe grows up,namelyone thatworksjustimprovecomputer systems.


Should have gotten a better reward and really Microsoft, your security is horrible...

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amazing O_O

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Sakura Matou

And Xbox fan boys/girls say Xbox was perfectly secure :P

Also they liked to throw it in the face that Sony got hacked so poo on you I have been saying this for years :3

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