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EA confirms Battlefield 4 - Advertising on this site miss Origin turned out to vote

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EA confirms Battlefield 4

Advertising on this site miss Origin turned out to vote

An advertising banner on Electronic Arts' Origin advertised web service with beta access to the Battlefield 4 if you pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter. Now EA confirms the relationship of the trailer.

Beta until the next harvest

It was not just us who were surprised by the Battlefield 4-related advertising on the Origin already, before the EA at all mentioned developer, release date and platforms. But it's true that is. It tells EA today, after news of an advertising banner on Origin as mentioned the game in a campaign for Medal of Honor: Warfighter went around the world. Whether it was a clever PR stunt or actually a miss, is not mentioned.

watch the trailer

Beta they mention in advertising, according to publisher start to fall next year, but beyond that it was extremely little information about the game to get. We stand, in other words, still without a platform, launch date and the developer. It's probably likely that the latter probably once the dice, but in terms of Activision's use of three different studios to Call of Duty series, nothing is certain.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter developed by Danger Close and published by Electronic Arts for PC, Xbox 360, Wii and Playstation 3 U The game launched on 25 October.


Lol i can barely run Battlefield 3 on absolute minimum settings, and yet Modern Warfare 3 is on high... I can just forget about Battlefield 4 ಠ_ಠ

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saw it on Origin when i started up my PC. first reaction was, "are you ******* serious?"

but don't really care anymore, i'm just gonna wait and see what it's like before i say anything. hopefully it'll be more like BF2 like BF3 was support to be.

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if it has a skirmish mode and all the stuff bf2 had i will be so happy. even more happy if it had the ships like battlefield 1943.

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and so battlefield gets like cod every year a new game -.-

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*bashes head on desk till skull splits open*

Are you kidding me!? I haven't even bought BF3 yet because I still haven't had the money to get my new computer fist! Why should I even bother getting BF3 at all now if BF4 is going to be released such a short time later? Give us a Battlefield: Bad Company 3 or something like that first. Or even better still, a sequel to BF: 2142. Seriously EA, get a dang clue.

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