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Just a simple list of all of Mordor's forts and garrisons PS For the Wain Riders, there's 3 for 1 2500 divided by 3

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I have counted Mumakil as Cavalry IDK why...

The Black Gate: 7500 orcs, 5000 uruks, 20 trolls, 5000 Easterlings, 3500 Haradrim, 1000 Variags, 5 Mumakil
Cavalry: 150 Wargs, 200 Warg riders

Minas Morgul: 30000 orcs(SPECIAL MORGUL ORCS), 1000 uruks, 20 Fellbeasts, and 30 trolls
Cavalry: 50 Wargs, 150 Wargs riders

Cirith Ungol: 2500 orcs, 7500 uruks(SPECIAL CU URUKS), 19 trolls, and 500 broods of Shelob
Cavalry: 100 wargs

Shelob's Lair: 500 orcs, 400 uruks, 500 baby spiders of Shelob, 19 adult spiders of Shelob, and Shelob
Cavalry: 10 wargs

Dol-Guldor: 40000 Orcs(SPECIAL DG ORCS), 1000 Uruks, and 5 trolls
Cavalry: 400 wargs, 250 warg rider

Durthang: 10000 orcs, 2500 uruks, and 10 trolls
Cavalry: 200 wargs, 400 wargs riders

Barad-dûr: 50000 orcs (SPECIAL BD ORCS), 25000 uruks (SPECIAL BLACK URUK), 75 trolls, and 29 fellbeasts
Cavalry: 10000 wargs, 12500 warg riders

Nûrn: 5000 orcs, 5000 uruks, and 50 trolls
Cavalry: 500 wargs, 250 warg riders

Henneth Annûn: 2000 orcs, 1000 uruks, and 10 trolls
Cavalry:1000 wargs

East of Ithillien(Small entrance to Southern Gondor): 5000 orc spearmen, 1000 orc archers, 2500 normal orcs, 1000 uruks, 20 Mumakil, and 7000 Haradrim
Cavalry:100 wargs, 100 warg riders, 100 Riders of Harad, 300 Haradrim Raiders

Gorgoroth plains(All spread out): 25000 orcs, 1000 uruks, and 100 trolls
Cavalry: 1000 wargs, 1250 warg riders

Ithillien: 500 orcs, 300 uruks, 100 Haradrim, 1 mumakil (Well, of what remains)
Cavalry: 10 Wargs, 30 wargs riders, and 200 riders of Harad

Areas of Mirkwood under my control: 5000 orcs, 500 spiders, and 1000 uruks

PS All Riders of Harad are Elite

Haradrim Raiders are their counterpart

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