For all of you who spend way too much time on ModDB, here is the place for you! The ModDB-Aholic group at ModDB is dedicated to all of you who love it here, and coincidentally spend more time than necessary here.

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Official stuff about the group. You should probably read it ;D

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When pǝʇɐʞuɐʇ and myself first came up with the idea for a ModDB-aholic group, the main premise revolved around the community of ModDB simply coming together in one massive group. This was rather narrow minded at first, and so it became important to expand the idea in order to retain active members.

As already shown, the group is indeed meant for discussing and showing mods, although that is only part of the group's use. We want the community to find interesting things, whether it be games, mods, movies, art, music or anything else and post it here. By making sure the group is comprised of active members, we hope that the group as a whole will be active and will provide the content.

So what content can we provide?

Well, as said above, it can range from anything to anything, but hopefully the majority of the content will revolve around tech and games/mods. If you find an interesting article, post it here! If you find an epic song or artist, post some of his/her/their music on the page, along with a link to their Youtube or Facebook page. The goal of the ModDB-aholics is to provide an atmosphere where we can discuss interesting and fun things from around the internet. Therefore, unlike other groups, the ModDB-aholics won't focus on one particular genre, but on everything. In doing so, everyone can share something and no one will be left out. It will keep the group active and provide food for discussion.

What are the rules of the group?

I've posted the two that are in my mind, the most important. Namely, 1) Respect the other members, and 2) Karma the comments!

By respect, I mean, don't start a flame war! Despite the fact that this group is made to discuss the arts doesn't mean you should do it in a inflammatory or negative way. That would destroy the group and miss the purpose of this group.

Number is rather obvious. You all know how the karma buttons work, so use them! Karma good comments, but leave the negative karma for extremely poor or trolling comments. This as well should provide a good atmosphere.

As for more specific rules, brush up on the Terms of Use that ModDB has in place, and you should be good to go!

If you guys have anything to add, or want to see something come from this group, let pǝʇɐʞuɐʇ or myself (or Henley, although he's quite busy with ModDB/Desura itself) know and we'll try and make it happen. Hopefully you guys are willing to help this group grow, because I know I am!

Your friendly, next door, ModDB addict,

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