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Religion: detrimental beliefs, astrology, blissful ignorance and supreme arrogance. ♫-Pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows-♫ ^_^

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Religion across History in a nutshell -

To many religious liberals and skeptics, it appears obvious that the early beliefs that grew up around Jesus' life were copied from the myths surrounding Horus' life which had been circulating for centuries before Jesus' birth. All of the essential ideas of both Judaism and Christianity came primarily from Egyptian religion- nearly two hundred instances of immediate correspondence between the mythical Egyptian material and the allegedly historical Christian writings about Jesus. Horus indeed was the archetypal Pagan Christ.

To spiritual conservatives, it would appear that centuries before Jesus' birth, Satan created myths about Horus' life in anticipation of Jesus, in order to cause confusion, doubt, and disbelief -

Bible. If it is viewed as an inerrant book, whose authors were inspired by God, then one would suspect that a massive fraud must have taken place. The events really formed part of Jesus' life because the Bible is free of error. Somehow the events were also attributed to Horus in Egypt for many centuries before Jesus' birth through fraudulent means(Again. Satan's work - )

If the Bible is viewed as a historical document, like other cultures' holy books, then it is obvious that events in Jesus' life were copied from stories that had been associated with Horus for many centuries before Jesus' birth. The events are fictional. Probably none actually happened in reality.

A list of the names of all the gods of Egypt would fill pages. But all these gods were only forms, attributes or phases of Ra, the solar god, who himself was the supreme symbol or metaphor for God....Horus, the son of Osiris and Isis, is himself an aspect of Ra.

Jesus and Horus. Some parallels -

I may accurately express my distinct emotions and write in-depth articles and comprehensive re-views, but it is said that a single image is worth a thousand words, therefore these documentaries should enlighten you. Well, if your'e a spiritual fundamentalist, you'll do anything to defend your flimsy beliefs.

Religion = Astrology -

Osiris & Christianity -

Christianity - plagiarism -

The God delusion -

Extreme human behavior -

Religion in a nutshell - &

Yes. I cannot dismiss unicorns or anything supernatural that cannot be neither proven nor disproved. It's still better to rely on science and help others in a refined, realistic way than to spread numerous archaic myths, false promises and equally vile things for various purposes, especially nefarious ones.

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