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The current standing of gaming in Ireland, and a small proposal for a possible opening for a new team.

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Hey everyone,

Good to see this group is still going in some shape or form, ha! I'm still a regular on here myself, composing for mods and sending unsettling PMs to rival mods etc. Or just composing. Ahem.

Anyhow, I thought I'd post a new message and get some reaction from yourselves as things in the current indie game and mod scene are doing quite well in Ireland.I've been recently hunting for various projects and even where I currently live, Dundalk, has had some small teams pop up here or there. Which, of course, is nice to see.

You may have heard about the OUYA that has been tearing up the front pages of the kickstarter, not to forget of course gaming, world. What do you make of it as a platform for new developers and more interesting games? Do you think mod support should/would/could/HELLO be added to it? Is Android's green lighting for apps going to come into play? Etc etc

I, personally, think it's a fine idea and couldn't go amiss. Even if it doesn't take off and gain a footing [although with near 60,000 consoles already sold it already has one foot there] it should have a lasting effect on the current market and interest of triple A titles through to individual releases.

On a more business note, I currently have an office in Dundalk. Right now, until the 30th of July, I'm quite busy with some projects currently on the go. However, if anyone out there in the indie gaming and modding community has any ideas, ambitions etc for starting up a small development team then I'll be happy to help out. I can secure some funding come October [Realistically €800-€2000 from the local innovation fund] along with providing an office that could comfortably support 8 regular team members.

I have plans to utilize all this but I am throwing it out there publicly right now to see what reaction it garners and interest it generates. For anyone that would be looking to set up a team in the very near future please contact me here:

Dundalk will have to be the base of operations as that is where my office is, and I'd have trouble moving it haha.

Please post up what you all think of the current indie scene in Ireland, the beautiful outlook for us smaller developers and all the potential enjoyment for us as gamers as a whole!


P.s: A social gathering in Dublin might be in order around the end of the Summer, if the interest is there.

P.p.s: The logo image is of a graphics card, I just threw up the first image that I found as posts require one. Just pretend it's an Irish flag or something.



I will be nice and get the ball rolling and see if it peaks anyone else's interest. Have my people talk to your people. Drop me a line when you spy me online. I'll drop up some time once I sort things out.

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