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The U.S. department has been forced to terminate employees

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Cuts in staff at Capcom

The U.S. department has been forced to terminate employees

The U.S. Department of the Japanese giant Capcom went yesterday through a reorganization, which led to the need for some employees disappeared. Such reorganization talked about the developer already in April in a message to their investors, and will be a result of the development costs are higher with next-gen consoles.

One of those that had to go was the vice president Christian Svensson, who was also the one who first reported the changes on its Facebook page. According to IGN he should have gone voluntarily. He could, however, clarify that he was not at all the only one who had to go, and that he will try his best to help the other victims find new jobs through their own contacts. Capcom confirms cuts in a statement, but how many of the 130 employees who have had to go is uncertain.

Svensson adds in his post that he is grateful for the opportunities and people he encountered in his eight years in the company, and that he was prepared for what has now happened. Among the general public, he has enough in his time been most kjentfor his work on Capcom-Unity blog, where he maintained close contact with the public.


I hope that Capcom will never stop and making games.

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Kark-Jocke Author

Capcom made great games before like Resident Evil 1-2-3.
But after seen the new games to Resident Evil, I think that it is just too much. Zombies that are very big and there after start keeping guns and shoots at you. There is no such zombie games I like, I will rather play the walking dead instead...

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I have to agree with you there, when I played Resident Evil 4, I was very surprised it was then the new thing came up. New challenges, new things to do and new people new places, but it is true that the zombies should be slow, dome and go in groups. :P

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Kark-Jocke Author

I would have really liked if they could have made ​​all the Resident Evil games 1-2-3 over again to PS4 and Xbox one. That they were much longer, new quality, more weapons and more people that you can use, the same classic slow zombies and a free world you can go in.

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That would have been fun playing with the whole group in such a game :P

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Kark-Jocke Author

Agree that it would have been fun :)

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