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A study shows that the more you play videogames the less you're liable for comitting crimes.

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We all know how wildly popular video games are, but many parents are disturbed by the violence of some games that their children or teens play. But could playing those violent games actually benefit whole neighborhoods in a very unexpected way? They can be intensely violent, involving torture, mutilation and killing, and kids tell us that’s part of the appeal of these games. The University of Texas study looked at sales of violent video games around the country. It found that for every 10 percent increase in the number of violent games sold, the crime rate dropped by 1 percent. The study’s author said the reason is simple: "I think it’s definitely safer. First of all, you have somebody that’s there to supervise them so that’s a plus and being on the street they could be anywhere,” Keveral Young said. Another study showed a similar drop in crime in neighborhoods with the most video game stores.

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Take that adults, you can't tell us what to do now. We have SCIENCE on our side!

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Batguerra Author

Yeah xD

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