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RSS A hard punch from Steam against K-J Game Competition

Could this mean that the group will be closed?

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A hard punch from Steam against K-J Game Competition

Could this mean that the group will be closed?

For a very long time now, I've put out competitions that tell you what kind of game you can win from the K-J group. A game that will be delivered to you who wins the competition, on Steam as a gift because I do not trust the Game-Keys. This is now over, following a news from Steam 4 May that I haven't seen before today, explain that they have closed where you can send the game to your inventory.

steam wall1paper 23

You can read more about it here: Gameranx.com

I buy games when they are on sale, so I don't have to sell my shirt to give away a game. Nowadays you have to buy the game and send it right away. You can not put games into your inventory anymore. The reason is that you should not sell the game to anyone else later on.

An example: If the game cost, let say 60 dollars and you paid 40 dollars for it, since it was on sale one day. 3-4 weeks later you sell it for 50 dollars, since the sale is over and it goes back to the normal price on Steam. You win money doing this and Steam loses money on it, so this will not Steam do anymore.

Now to the question. Will the K-J contest group be closed? The answer is "No" But it will be difficult for me to give out a competition because of this. And there are still more games on my inventory, that still haven't been put out yet as a contest and I will come with new ideas for this year.

If you have any questions, post a comment below or send me a message.

feillyne StaffSubscriber

Sad news.

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Kark-Jocke Author

10-12 PM people asking me if the K-J group is closed or not. As it says in the news "Now to the question. Will the K-J contest group be closed? The answer is "No"... so no the group will not be close. Which means that there will be more competitions later on.

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This is why I just pitch in occasionally and pay full price or give out a Steam gift card. No hassle.

But this does suck for you since obviously you can't always pay full price.

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I say you use keys, then. Most stores are trustworthy alright. You've got Green Man Gaming, HumbleStore, about every non-obviously-shady online retailer selling Steam-bound games, really. Short of Kinguin, G2A and the like, keys should work EVERY time.

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