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EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is a large cover genre for the many sub-genres from anything from Dubstep to Trance to Chillstep to Electro. This group aims to provide you with solid EDM music every week, ranging in any of the categories under EDM. It will focus more on the unknown artists versus the well known (don't expect Skrillex on here). Join and Track if you want to listen to the regular uploads!

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The first news post of the group (so you might want to check it out)!

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First of all, to all of you reading this, glad you're apart of the group, or if you just stumbled upon this group, please track and join, you may like what you hear!

I'd like to briefly state that the purpose of the group is in the description at the top, so if you ever want to know what type of music to post, look there. Now, I really don't have any objection to the members posting music, but try and make sure that it follows the Terms of Use and that you do not post any illegal downloads on here. EDM artists give out more free music than any other genre and I think it's important to support them where we can.

I have several ideas that I would like to be discussed and the first is a weekly and/or monthly competition. Now the main goal would simply be to find the best music every week (or month) besides the regularly uploaded music by myself. Each person who would like to enter would upload his or her song that they found and say in the description the title, artist, and whether or not if it's a competition entry. At the end of the week, we would vote on our favorite songs of the week. Now that's just a rough idea, but I think you get the idea. If you have any comments or ideas, bring 'em on!

My portion of this will be designated to regular uploads on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the weekend. I'll do my best to make sure I hit each one of those and I hopefully should without fail, but you never know. In addition to this, the weekend song will come either on Saturday or Sunday and will be extra special. I'll also create frequent news posts about upcoming artists or albums that you should look forward too. And, if the competition idea is something you all would really like to start, then we could create a news post for that as well.

These are some ideas that I would love to implement to get this group off the ground and I appreciate those who have already contributed! Once again, please leave a comment if you have an idea or want to add something!

EDM Forever! d[ (^_^) ]b


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