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The Edain Mod Wiki Project aims to transcribe every bit of knowledge that is even remotely linked to the Edain Mod into a single wiki for all to be able to access and learn from. It is an ongoing project with a small, tight-knit community but all new contributors are welcome. Don't be shy come on right into the world of the Edain Mod.

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The Edain Mod Wiki is a ongoing project which has plans to span actively on several years (transcribing units, heroes, buildings and more from the mod) and passively on several more (fixing every little bits and pieces as they are changed, polishing the articles, adding images and videos, introducing new features). Currently the project is in its active phase where the wiki is the process of just writing EVERYTHING down, as new factions are being released, new patches unveiled and new features created which means that until the mod itself settles down the wiki will keep popping up with new articles. So far we are editing 239 articles through 6,041 edits and it's only the beginning.

However due to its already massive size getting around the wiki can be challenging, and it's only gonna get bigger. We've made navigation as easy as we could here's a helpful list of links to get anyone started:

We're always looking for new contributors to share the experience with. The great thing about wiki is that the level of commitment you have to make is all up to you. You can choose to go on an editing frenzy for a day and rest for a week or to just slowly add bits over a month. If you need help getting started you can consult either the Maintenance Category Page or the Insight Page to see if there are any issues. For quick access you can hover on Maintenance in the Category Menu at the top of every page. And remember if you don't wish to add stuff but see a mistake or wish to suggest an idea you had, you can use the comments or the forum.

So, let's recap, so far you know how to get around the wiki to find information about the mod and know where to get started. But the wiki is much more than a mere textbook format of the mod, it is its own organism living in symbiote with it. We also have many various things that aren't from the mod but were made by fans of the mod to be used with the mod. This includes maps, such as Fredius's War of Ring Series or Caslash's Minas Tirith Map, submods such as the Sons of Durin Submod or strategy guides like the one submitted by Isaac632.

The only thing left now is to give you a look at the official news thread and a list of the current massive news post:

And what now? Many pages have been listed and explained, many more remain to be seen but all I shall leave you but with one link, a single image and a single step to follow as you wish:

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