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Rise and fall of the Trade Federation:EAW:FOC Modification

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Rise and fall of the Trade Federation

This mod is a Total-Conversion for the „Empire At War Forces of Corruption.”

An untold story of the CIS and of its
founders. The campaign starts with Alaris Prime’s siege during the Pre-Clone
Wars era and ends with the last battles of the Separatist holdouts,led by Gizor
Dellso. The campaign will include a very detailed story, based on Movies, Comic
books, Books, Games, Clone Wars Series. Players will have the chance to choose
between ”Factions” and the Faction’s various ”Armys” in Singleplayer mode.(e.g.
CIS as Faction,Techno Union as Army) Confederacy will replace the Rebel Alliance
and Zann Consortium will be replaced by Republic.

  • It will feature a
    Campaign,Singleplayer Battles(Multiplayer NYD)
  • Above 50 new
    Vehicles,Units,Aircraft for the CIS,Empire,Republic
  • Redesigned Maps
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