Group for fans of the New and the Old Tv Show as well the comics/books, games. Working on a Clone Wars mod? We are happy to help you, check the forums or use the commentary field below We would love it if you where active in the group so please comment or add things. POSTING: Posting rules for images and videos are quite simple: Have it be the uprising of the Clone War, during or the imdiate after match, it can be from any source. This incluldes non-canon material and behind the scenes.You are allowed to re-post as long as it isn't too recent. This group can be treated as the Prequel fangroup as well if you want to post stuff with Luke Skywalker and the gang you'll go to the all things Star Wars moddb group. If there is anything you are wondering about or need help, contact: Kark-Jocke / ModDB

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Hello everyone. A few changes have been made. I will now be the new leader of the site.

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I do not know what happened around here but there is obviously some bad blood around here and I believe everything has been very bad for this group page. This is the only true Clone Wars fan page on moddb and the fans deserve better. Captain Ahsoka was gracious enough to allow me to take the lead here and I hope I can live up to everyones expectations and keep this site popular but I obviously can only do so much. The continued contributions of all of you is what made this page and will keep this page popular. But first lets everyone put the past behind them.
I do not know everyone here on the page and do not know who is the most active so forgive me if others are deserving of this also but for now I believe Ahsoka, Anakin and Regor should remain as group managers to monitor the site and make sure arguements do not get out of hand and spammers and trolls do not cover the site with crap. I will keep the only control of member access and removal but fear not, no one will be removed without warning and/ or very good cause.
I am not around all the time because I am the leader of The Clone Wars mod for EAW and I work and have a family but I promise I will be doing things here and there to contribute to the site and conversations. Time permitting.


>.> Woah...

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Gratz Ozzy you deserve this.

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Baron Brosephus
Baron Brosephus

Let the good times roll....

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