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A new home for Smokers and coffee addicts. Smoking Hot Coffee a place to relax and chill or to have inspiring and intense discussions. non smokers are welcome but be advised that any health propaganda will be deleted immediately. We offer all kinds of drinks but remember that The Dude only drinks White Russian. In colaboration with VGAR Smoking Hot Coffee and Europe.

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Smoking Hot Coffee
Smoking is for me, a way to show and express enjoyment in public or for yourself. if you want to get spiritual, i just need a cigarette and some hot coffee. it is also a way to live Live, as harming your own body can be like a metaphor to the modern "i live healthy, clean, ecological friendly, love earth, STOP climate change" way of live.

I know many of you want to post stuff like QUIT SMOKING. But we have this crap on every pack of cigarettes now thanks to you and maybe soon also on wine bottles. The truth is: Everything harms your body, you just have to consume enough of it and it will kill you. But the pictures on the packs are nice to play memory if you collect them : ) Also they make a great freak show.

The other truth is that: Your grandparents get the money to buy Christmas presents for you from us, the smokers.

If you smoke or like coffee, you will feel yourself at home here. You don't have to talk only about smoking and coffee here, you can also discuss about interesting stuff, or things that bother or interest you in our forum which will soon be ready. Like a lounge... but the Image section is strictly for stuff related to smoking and for coffee. Thats it, thank you all for reading this.


Respect us, after all, we are an endangered species...

A few drips
Amazing what they do
Mixing with water
Something to brew
Bitter like life
Warmed with compassion
Best mixed with friendship
And simple conversation

Barry Hurd "Thankful Coffee"

My co-leaders Salsa_Shark and Jackal87.

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