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This is a copy of the comment Gen.Kenobi made on the GRANS forums. Read below for the full story.

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This is a copy of the comment Gen.Kenobi made on the GRANS forums. Read below for the full story:

"Hi all.

As the founder of GRANS Productions is with extremely pain that i'm goign to leave/quit.
n5p29 and Feillyne knows the reasons. One of the reasons is that i don't have time for modding (I have important exams of my school/student life, by December i'll be back into modding but not into GRANS).

My wish is that Project Evans keep goign on. I'm goign to nominate Feillyne and n5p29 as the new leaders. I'm not goign to leave these forums.

I'm also quitting all my projects that i have or that i work with. If God wants I'll be back into modding on December.

Good Bye everyone,

-Gen.Kenobi out
Ex-GRANS Leader

PS: this is the last time that i'm speaking as a member of GRANS Productions Team"

This not only is bad for the GRANS community but also bad for the modding community as a whole. we've lost one of out greatest modelers.


A valued member of the modding community, sure. One of the greatest modelers...hardly.

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Admiral-165 Author

i don't know if someone you've known has died but when they do you don't say bad things about them. Same applies here, he's not coming back.

It's like if when you died or went inactive because you were sick of swine flu (which Gen.Kenobi has) or something like that, i just said "moppop... he had a gay name!"

BTW u can change your nickname anytime on your profile, you might want to or risk humiliating yourself further.

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IF...and I do mean if his reason of absence is truly due to sickness, then I wish him the best, personally. Remember, this is the Internet and people make up things all the time.

I simply call a spade a spade. No gloss, no beating around the bush, no sugar coating.

He WAS a valued member of the modding community, and I went out of my way to state that.

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Warlock_23 Creator

Goodbye, my friend - best wishes in future....

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Ferkhat Creator


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█Brunez█ Creator

This is very sad =(
Good bye comrade.

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BigCheese256 Creator

We will miss you. D;

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